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Terms of Use

PokerStellar-Terms of Use


Definitions And Getting Started

The Terms of Use is an agreement between PokerStellar, its subsidiaries and the players of the website, www.pokerstellar.com. From here on, PokerStellar and its subsidiaries can be referred to as "we", "us", "our" and other such pronouns. The website, www.pokerstellar.com shall be referred to as the "website", "site" or "platform". And the players shall be referred to as "you", "your" or "user".

This agreement must be read and understood by the users before they agree to the terms and conditions which include the terms of service and the following information regarding usage and participation in pokerstellar.com. These terms must be fully comprehended and strictly adhered to by its users.

Definition of The Term "Membership"

The information of players who register on the website shall remain strictly confidential and shall not be released to the public. Players must first register with pokerstellar.com to be able to participate in any games, software use, or any other products or services provided by PokerStellar and its affiliates. It is also important to note that a registration does not guarantee membership. Only upon our team's diligent verification of the information provided by a user, only then may membership be granted, which shall be further confirmed by a confirmation e-mail sent to the newly registered member.

The right to grant membership resides exclusively with the PokerStellar team. Additionally any membership may be terminated anytime by sending an appropriated notification and the reason thereof to the user. We reserve the right to investigate and if need be terminate any user's membership if we find him/her breaching the terms and conditions.

The hardware or servers on which the website platform is kept and hosted on is located in a non-public and highly confidential location. The access to our servers and data information is untouchable physically and virtually. Any person(s) or group(s) who is/are authorized to access the servers where the games are held are not allowed to register or become members with PokerStellar. Such individuals are not allowed to use the software / play games or use any other products or services provided by the company. This is in the best interests to provide transparency and fair play among PokerStellars player community.

Services Not Offered Below The Age of 18

Our services and products are not available to anybody who is under the age of 18 on the day of them applying for membership on the site. It is strictly prohibited for any user under the age of 18 to play games on our website. We reserve the right to request proof of age at any stage to verify if a minor is using the service and we may bar a person from playing if proof of age is not provided or if the company suspects that a person is under-age for any other reason, no exceptions. PokerStellars services and products are not intended for users from jurisdictions where such are deemed illegal.

TDS Policy

TDS will be deducted at source for the time being in force as per the INCOME TAX ACT 1961.

A TDS of 30% will be applicable for single withdrawals above or equal to 10,000 INR. Players can use our instant cash out feature to withdraw up to 9999 in a day without any TDS.

We Do Not Offer Services in Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tamilnadu

The state laws in Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tamilnadu prohibit the use of services offered on our website. Using geo-blocking software, we aim to block users from these regions. Additionally, the governments of these states may impose penalties on those trying to register on our platform. If someone residing in either state becomes a member of the site by giving false information, the liability will be solely on the user and the company reserves the right to terminate the user's membership without any notice and confiscate all his/her deposits and winnings as the case might be. Therefore, you the player accepts that PokerStellar will not be liable for any breach if the user is located in such jurisdictions where state laws prohibit such services. Users from all states must always ensure that they are following the applicable state laws and PokerStellar will try to post any changes that we think are appropriate to better educate players in the future. Our decision in this regard will be final and no consideration whatsoever will be extended to any user.

Services Not Offered Outside The Country

Players outside the country will not be allowed to play; reserved only for Indian residents except residents from the states, Assam, Odisha, Telangana and Gujarat.

Third Party Content

We will not stand the use of any abusive or offensive language on our chat boards or any other platforms under ownership of PokerStellar. If any such situation were to develop, we recommend players come forward to report such incidents to our customer support immediately. Additionally players are not allowed to make false or damaging comments with regard to the company in any media or forum. We hold the right to reject or delete any text, files, images, photos, videos, sounds, or any other material that breaches the terms in accordance with our content policy. Any violation may result in removal of the content, a suspension of services and/or any suitable action as may be required by us to ensure future compliance. Please beware of phishing attacks, spoofed emails and links from external third party sources claiming to be from www.pokerstellar.com. We shall not be responsible for such emails/messages and/or any losses arising out of clicking on links contained in them.

Disconnections And Technical Issues

In case of any technical failures, server crashes , breakdowns, software defects, disruption or malfunction of service or any other force majeure, PokerStellar will cancel the games and refund the bet amounts after proper verification and no rake will be taken from such games and you accept that PokerStellar is not responsible to you in all such cases. PokerStellar is also not liable for any prospective winnings from any incomplete tournament. PokerStellar does not hold any liability from any disconnection, lag, freeze or interference in network communication on the user's computer or any other external networks used by the user to access pokerstellar.com. In case of any disruption of an ongoing game, the game will manually be suspended by PokerStellar and the points/chips shall be refunded irrespective of the status of the game. In conclusion, PokerStellar has the right to cancel and refund the points/chips back to the players. In no case, other than a server crash is PokerStellar accountable for any of the player's disconnections from server.

Disclaimers And Identification

By registering, you, the player, are considered to have accepted and understood all the terms and conditions. We recommend that you keep a copy of all transactions, rules of playing, cancellation and payment policies. Our failure or delay to act or exercise any right or remedy with respect to a breach of any of these terms and conditions by a user does not surrender our rights as a company to act with respect to any prior, concurrent, subsequent or similar breaches. Any other competition event or tournament organized by PokerStellar shall be governed by the same terms and conditions.

PokerStellar solely reserves the right to singly change the terms and conditions at any future date without notifying any user directly. It is the user's responsibility to check the updated terms and conditions on a regular basis and to decide whether to continue membership on the website. At any point of time the user may choose to discontinue the use of the website or any services offered by the company. If the user continues to use the service and products or the software, then the user will be responsible for newly acceptance of the changes to this agreement and any other agreements. If any judicial or quasi-judicial body in India declares any of these terms or conditions to be unlawful, invalid, void or unenforceable for any reason, the validity and enforcement of the remaining terms and conditions will not be affected. Any such inappropriate term or condition will be replaced with another term that is valid and enforceable and is in most nearly with effect to the original invalid term. Our methods of gathering information may change from time to time and our privacy policy may be modified too. These changes will be posted on this page. You can always understand the information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it by simply viewing this page.


The company disclaims any and all warrants, expressed or implied, in connection with the software, the site and the games, all of which are provided to the user "AS IS". You access and use the website at your own risk. The Company explicitly disclaims all warrants and conditions of any kind, expressed, implied or statutory, including without limitation the implied warrants of title, non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for any particular purpose. Without limiting the foregoing, the company does not represent or warrant:

a) The quality, fitness for purpose, completeness, merchantability, non-infringement or accuracy of the software, the site and the games.

b) The suitability of the information contained in the documents or other information published on this site.

c) Continuous, error-free, secure or virus-free operation of pokerstellar.com or its content including software, games, your account or continued operation or availability of any facility on pokerstellar.com.

d) That the defects in the website will be corrected.

e) That the website or the servers that operate the website are free of viruses or other harmful components.

f) That the data, results and information within the website will be correct, accurate, adequate, useful, reliable or otherwise

g) That the website will meet your needs, requirements or expectations.

h) Person affiliated or claiming affiliation with the Site has authority to extend such warrants.

You Undertake And Agree As Under:

(a) The Company does not promise or ensure that you will be able to access your account whenever you want. It is entirely possible that you may not be able to access your account or the Services provided by the Company at times or for extended periods of time due to, but not limited to system maintenance and updates.

(b) You are aware that participation in the games of skill organized by us may result in financial loss to you. With full knowledge of the facts and circumstances surrounding the Activity, you are voluntarily participating in the Activity and assume all responsibility for it and risk resulting from your participation, including all risks of financial loss. The Company makes no guarantees, warrants, representations, or other promises relative to the Activity, and assumes no liability or responsibility for any financial loss that you may sustain as a result of participation in the Activity.

(c) You agree to indemnify and hold the Company, its employees, directors, officers, and agents harmless with respect to any and all claims and costs associated with your participation in the Activity. You acknowledge that You are solely responsible for any action that arises from Your participation with this Activity or around this Activity, regardless of occurring before, during or after the period of the Activity.

(d) To hereby save, hold harmless, discharge and release the Company from any and all liability, claims, causes of actions, damages or demands of any kind and nature, whatsoever, that may arise from or in connection with your participation in the Activity.

(e) You will be solely responsible for any delay and/or damage to your computer systems or loss of data that results from installation of website games or software on your computer and the website explicitly disclaims liability for any such failure delay or failure.

(f) You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account access credentials (i.e. username & password) and financial instruments (i.e. credit/debit card number).

(g) You agree to assume the entire risk as to the results and performance of any software and/or games availed by you on www.pokerstellar.com. As such, result and performance among other things depends on your Internet connection and hardware. You also assume the entire cost of all servicing, repair and/or correction of your hardware when you access, download or execute software or games available on www.pokerstellar.com. The Company explicitly disclaims liability for any delay or failure to perform resulting from the installation of its games or software on your computer.

(h) You specifically acknowledge, agree and accept that we are not liable to you for:

(i) the defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any other player or for anything that turns out to be misleading, inaccurate, defamatory, threatening, obscene or otherwise illegal whether originating from another player or otherwise.

(ii) any loss whatsoever arising from the use, abuse or misuse of your account on our Website.

(iii) any loss incurred in transmitting information from you to our Website by the internet or by other connecting media.

(iv) any technical failures, system breakdowns, defects, delays, interruptions, manipulated or improper data transmission, loss or corruption of data or communications' lines failure, distributed denial of service attacks, viruses or any other adverse technological occurrences arising in connection with your access to or use of our Website.

(v) the accuracy, completeness or correctness of any information provided or any statistics shown on the Website;

(i)You agree to indemnify, defend and hold the Company, harmless from all claims, damages and expenses made by any third party arising out of:

(a) your violation of these Terms or Privacy Policy; or

(c)use of www.pokerstellar.com by any other person accessing the Services using your username or password, whether or not with your authorization.

(d)The Company reserves the right to change, modify or delete the sites, information, and terms & conditions listed on this site at any time without prior notice.

Limitation of Liability

You clearly understand and agree that the company shall under no circumstances (including, without limitation, in contract, negligence or other tort), be liable for any direct, indirect, ancillary, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages. This includes, but is not limited to injury, claim, loss of data, loss of income, loss of profit or loss of opportunity, loss of or damage to property, damages for monetary loss, loss of life, goodwill, use, data or other intangible loss (even if the company has been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from or arising out of the use of or the inability to use the service, even if we have been advised or become aware of the possibility of such damages or loss or that such loss was foreseeable. You agree to indemnify us against any claims in respect of any such matter.

Governing Law And Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall in all respects be governed, interpreted by, and construed in accordance with the laws of India. All disputes, differences, complaints etc., shall be subject to Arbitration under the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The arbitrator will be appointed by the company after due consent from the company and the user. The place of arbitration shall be KOLKATA, West Bengal, India.

There could be instances where the company is not able to receive prompt updates about a change in the applicable laws of your place of stay. Please ensure that any activities you engage on the Website are legal as per the applicable laws. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the company or its website from any claim, demand, damage, or loss whatsoever coming out due to your non-compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction.

Tournament Prizes

Winnings of all freerolls and stellar point tournaments are in the form of real cash promotional chips and only the freerolls are not directly withdraw-able. Winnings of all cash games and guaranteed tournaments are in the form of real cash chips which are directly withdraw-able at anytime.

Banking and Payment Rules

where an issue with a payment ‐ either a deposit or a cashout ‐ is caused by factors outside of our control, it can sometimes take 7 to 10 working days for us to investigate and rectify the issue. This includes but is not limited to funds leaving your bank or payment provider but not being credited to your poker account, a deposit being declined, a cashout not being received by your bank or payment provider and a cashout being declined. Whilst we will do our best to ensure the smooth flow of money to and from your Poker Stellar account, if we need to liaise with a 3rd party due to an issue, there may be a delay in crediting or debiting funds over which we have no control.

Code of Conduct

Whilst we are always happy to hear from our players, whether that feedback is positive or negative, our staff have the right not to be abused. Therefore, any player that is found to use vile and abusive language towards our customer support or any staff could see their accounts permanently closed.

Vile and abusive language includes but is not limited to:

  • Swearing
  • Using sexist, homophobic or other derogatory language
  • Using threatening words

Contacting Us

In case of any questions or assistance, feel free to contact us anytime, In case of any change in your personal information, please contact our customer service team. In case, if you forget your password, or suspect that someone else has learned and used your password please contact our customer service team. Also, in case of any clarification that you may wish to seek regarding anything, please feel free to contact us through customer service team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Chat Etiquettes And Abuse

PokerStellar believes in providing and sustaining the best gaming experience in India. We want to make sure that we suit all levels of players, from beginners to professionals. To encompass such attributes that set us apart from other gaming operators, players are reminded to uphold the integrity of the website and conduct game-play with other players in respectable tolerances.

Behavior falling in any of the below-mentioned categories may result in revocation of chat privileges of the player, and in certain cases, disqualification of player account from the website.

Soliciting business, discussing businesses other than pokerstellar.com

  • Discussing other poker websites/forums
  • Malicious content targeted at pokerstellar.com
  • Malicious content targeted at any player
  • Abusive language
  • Spam content
  • Solicitation of money
  • Sale of chips
  • Exchange of personal details

Anti-Collusion Policy

Collusion is a form of cheating in which two or more players signal their winnings or otherwise conduct a partnership to cheat other players at the table. If any player is found to be participating in any form of collusion his or her account will be permanently closed and any funds in his or her account may be withheld. So please help us maintain fair and ethical games by reporting any players or suspicious activity at tables like chip dumping or collusion. We encourage any player who believes he or she has been cheated, to report the offender (in complete confidence) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include a screenshot. In order to report players doing this, please mention the player's username and provide a screenshot of the table along with any other helpful information. We appreciate your cooperation and help in making PokerStellar a better place to play poker. You also may be eligible for a cash reward.

All decisions and outcomes made by PokerStellar are final and PokerStellar reserves full and final authority in any such disciplinary cases.

Bonus Policy

All bonuses and special offers are subject to points accumulation requirements. When a bonus is accepted, an agreed number of Stellar Points may be required before a withdrawal can be requested.PokerStellar reserve the right to withhold funds or deduct the bonus accepted where bonus abuse has been found.

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