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Sit and Go Poker

Are you the one who likes to play poker on free office time and short free time, then you should give a try at PokerStellar Sit N Go Tournaments. Sit and Go Poker tournaments, commonly called SNGs, have become amazingly popular thanks to the growth of online poker. Sit & Go tournament is one of the most trending and thrilling formats of poker tournaments. Do you wanna experience this wonderful game of Sit & Go? If yes, register now at PokerStellar and play now. Sit, Win & Go.

What is Sit & Go Poker Tournaments?

A Sit & Go tournament is a poker tournament with a predefined number of players and is usually single-table tournaments. Unlike multi-table tournaments, re-buys and late entries are not allowed. There is no specific start time for Sit and Go tournaments and tournament starts once the table is full.

Advantages of Sit N Go

Less time consuming: One of the advantages of the Sit and Go tournaments are, players can finish the game within an hour. Always Sit and go gives an atmosphere of the final table of the normal tournament without overtime consumption.

Visit PokerStellar now to experience the thrilling Sit & Go tournaments.

Play on-demand:SNG tournament doesn't have a listed start time. The tournament commences once the table is full, so again there’s no waiting around.

Match your budget:Join the table to match your budget. In PokerStellar Sit N Go tournament starts from the lowest buy-in of Rs 11 to Rs 1050. Choose your budget-friendly game and smash it.

There are many variations of this exciting format-heads-up, four max, six-max, nine max or ten max.Heads-up, the action between two players and match starts when two players register. Four max sit and go begins when four players register. Six max is kicking off once six players make their buy-in. Nine max and ten max is commonly known as the full ring. The full ring starts when nine or ten players have entered.

What is the Sit and Go Poker Tournament Structure?

When a Poker tournament begins, an equal number of poker chips are distributed among the players. At the beginning of a Sit and Go Poker tournaments, all players are usually given between 1,000-2,000 chips.

The blinds change in every 10 minutes. In Sit and Go tournaments, every hand is considered as important and you have to play tight during the early stages when the blinds are small.

Sit and Go Poker Tournament prize structure is like,

Sit and Go has a considerably higher bankroll. Most of these events pay out the top one-third, top three in a nine-person Sit and Go and top two in a six-person Sit and Go.

Heads- up Sit and Go’s Poker Tournaments

Heads up sit and go’s poker tournament, also known as a 1-on-1 tournament. In every online poker platform, you will be paying 10% as a tournament fee for Sit and Go’s tournaments.

For example, let us Rs 100 tournament as an example. You have to pay 10% as a tournament fee, making the total buy-in as Rs 110. The total prize pool will be Rs 200, with two participants. The winner will get Rs 200 and Rs 20 will be taken by the platform as the rake.

9-player Sit and Go’s

For Rs 100 Sit and Go there would be Rs 900 prize pool, with 9 players participating. The 9 player Sit and Go prize structure is universal with 50% to 1st, 30% to 2nd, and 20% to 3rd.

Traditionally, it has broken down like this:

  • 1st place: Rs 450 (50% of the prize pool)
  • 2nd place: Rs 270 (30% of the prize pool)
  • 3rd place: Rs 180 (20% of the prize pool)

6-player Sit and Go’s Poker Tournament Prize Structure

The total prize pool would be Rs 600 with 6 players participating.

The prize structure is broken down as,

  • 1st place: Rs 390 (65% of the prize pool)
  • 2nd place: Rs 210 (35% of the prize pool)

What are the PokerStellar Sit & Go’s Buy-Ins?

At PokerStellar, we offer many games to match your bankroll with buy-ins starting from as low as Rs 10 and the highest buy-in is Rs 1050. The Tournament details are given below,

SNG 6 Max Holdem Rs 11 Rs 60 6
SNG 4 Max Holdem Rs 55 Rs 200 4
SNG 4 Max Holdem Rs 110 Rs 400 4
SNG 2 Heads-Up Holdem Rs 110 Rs 200 2
SNG 2 Heads-Up Holdem Rs 1050 Rs 2000 2
SNG 2 Heads-Up Holdem Rs 55 Rs 100 2
SNG 2 Heads-Up Holdem Rs 525 Rs 1000 2

Select your favourite table, register, sit & win now!!

SNGs are great fun. Experience the most thrilling and trending Sit and Go poker tournaments at PokerStellar.

The number of players and buy-in amounts are subject to change at any time by PokerStellar.

Sit ,Win & Go

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