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Responsible Gaming

PokerStellar- Responsible Gaming Overview

PokerStellar with the explicit aim of sustaining the trust of its players and to showcase its unwavering commitment to integrity as a responsible gaming company, has instituted basic authentication measures to ensure safety for all players and to shield them from any kind of fraud.

Age Limit

PokerStellar, in its bid to exhibit optimal compliance to governmental laws and guidelines, prohibits players less than 18 years of age from playing on its site. Any ambiguity or deception on the part of the user or player in regards to disclosing the correct age will be dealt with swiftly and possible consequences may vary from imposing criminal charges to closure of the account along with forfeiture of deposits and winnings.

Although anyone of legal age is welcome to create an account on our site. After such account has been created, users may need to provide additional government approved identification with the date-of-birth clearly displayed in order to clear the authentication process and successfully register in the site. Any deviation would invite possible termination of alleged account.

Deposit Limits

PokerStellar, in its effort to provide optimal gratification to its players requirements, does not impose any limit on the amount its players can deposit through the site. Players can exercise at their own discretion to set the weekly deposit limit. Therefore players please play responsibly. The stakes that can be placed on cash poker tables are however moderated to safeguard players from disastrous outcomes arising out of sudden transfers of large sums of money from respective accounts.

Safety of Players

PokerStellar.com has instituted robust policies to safeguard players’ money and their sensitive account related information. Our Know Your Customer (KYC) process for authenticating new entrants is comprehensive and fail-safe. Fund related transactions are monitored with surgical precision to prevent any misuse or manipulation. As an additional safety precaution the site does not store monetary transaction data of players and only universally recognized payment gateways are used for making or accepting payments.

Anti-Connivance Policies

PokerStellar unequivocally restricts any collusion among players. If an instance of cheating is established, the concerned account would be summarily terminated. If any player’s activities are deemed suspicious, he/she would be given certain playing restrictions or barred from playing on the site. Players from the same IP address will be separated among different tables.

Fairness of Game

PokerStellar deploys third-party RNG (Random Number Generator) software for shuffling cards prior to every new game with the intent of ensuring complete fairness in shuffling and dealing procedures. RNG is a mathematical program that uses permutations for creating undecipherable card shuffling patterns. This process accords each card equal dealing chance thus closing all cheating avenues.

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