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Pot Limit Omaha Poker

Pot Limit Omaha is an interesting poker game originated from Texas Hold'em Poker, although it does have some differences to set it apart. Pot Limit Omaha is simply known as PLO poker, Omaha Holdem, etc.. Even though there are many variants in poker, Pot Limit Omaha poker is acknowledged as the second-best poker game next to Texas Hold'em Poker. In PLO, each player dealt with four hole cards and five cards are dealt on the board. In Omaha Holdem, every player uses three of the community cards with two of their hole cards to make the best five-card poker hand. Click here to check the Omaha Holdem poker hand rankings.

How To Play Pot Limit Omaha Poker?

Are you new to the great game of Pot Limit Omaha poker? Are you worried about how difficult it would be to play Pot Limit Omaha? Don't worry we have all your questions covered here. Pot Limit Omaha poker is in the favourite list of all the poker players because it is more similar to Texas Holdem. As a game, the excitement is high and it continues from the starting hand to the end.

As with any game of poker, the player must have a clear cut knowledge to understand the scenario during the gameplay. The player should be capable to judge the combination of the winning hand, should know to calculate poker odds and must have a clear idea of PLO Poker Strategy. Patience is also considered as the key to winning in Pot Limit Omaha. If you are looking for detailed guidelines in Pot Limit Omaha poker then, Great! You are at the right place. At PokerStellar we provide our players with the general rules of playing Pot-limit Omaha and we have correctly drafted everything on this page for your convenience.

Types of Omaha Poker Games

Below are some of the common types of Pot Limit Omaha poker games,

  • Pot Limit Omaha Poker- It is the most popular form of Omaha Poker where each player can bet the amount that is in the pot.
  • No Limit Omaha Poker- In this type of poker a player can bet any amount, including up to the entire amount of chips.
  • Fixed Limit Omaha Poker- In this type of poker the bet limits are established and fixed for each round of betting.

Things to Follow to Become a Successful Pot-Limit Omaha Player

  • Selective starting hand - Don’t play all the hands you get in Pot Limit Omaha. Be selective and call on the best hole card you receive. Never bet for the high card or low-value hands in PLO because the winning chances are very less.
  • Patience and Discipline - Patience and discipline is the key to success. Always play with more patience and don’t get excited even you have two pairs of aces in hand. Having a pair of aces is not a big deal in Omaha.
  • Limit Bluffing - Never try to bluff always, it can be a backfire in most of the occasion when you play Omaha against 4 to 5 opponents.
  • Never overestimate your hands while having two pair or bottom sets.
  • Don’t go ahead to bet when you have a small flush or low-value straight hands. Most of the occasions 2 to 3 players may have a flush or higher straight in hand. So be alert and sharp before you go for raise and check the possibilities to get a good hand like a full house, four of a kind, or royal flush.
  • Never raise before the flop - Even with strong hole cards, there is a probability that yours is not the best hand in the table. It's very difficult to predict cards in pre-flop hands. So never raise before seeing pre-flop hands when you play Pot Limit Omaha online.

Maximum Raise

Maximum raise is the maximum amount a player can raise in their turn. This defines the size of the pot which consists of the total bet amount the active player is required to call before they raise, plus all bets on the table, along with the total sum of the pot.

Minimum Raise

The minimum raise a player can make in PLO is the big Blind of the table. In this turn, the raise amount should be small as much as they raise the preceding bet in the same round. For example, the second player in a round must raise a minimum of ₹10 if the first poker player to proceed bet by ₹10. Players will find there is no limit on the amount raised in the Pot Limit Omaha. The last bet in the Pot Limit Omaha is the same as the size of the big blind, but it depends on the player if he or she wants to bet as per the size of the pot.

Pot Limit Betting Structure

In Omaha Poker Rules, players will find that the maximum bet would be two times the amount to call plus the pot. The minimum bet has to be equal to the bet of the previous poker player. For example, a player bets a minimum of ₹200 if there is no prior action in the previous betting round and the size of the pot was ₹200. The player who sits clockwise from the existing player will make the next move after that bet. And that particular player can raise the amount between the minimum and the maximum, call ₹200 or can also fold. Therefore, the all-out bet in this event would be ₹800. The raiser would first call ₹200, which will bring the pot size to ₹600 by making a whole bet of ₹800 after raising ₹300 more.

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