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Odds & Statistics of Poker

Players need to be mindful of the general odds and statistics to improve each of their poker games rules. The odds and statistics provided below are designed to briefly inform players the probabilities during game play. This is only to serve as a reminder and to put the actual game of poker in better perspective to allow players to make better decisions.

Premium Starting Hands

Top starting hands such as AK suited, double aces or picture pairs can only occur with 2% probability. Thus, it may be quite difficult to get this.

Flush Draw

Flush draws will happen to a player about one-third of the time.

Don’t Hold On To Suited Cards

Suited cards are great, but they will only guarantee an improvement of barely 3% of a players hand.

Pairing On The Flop

Player’s hole cards have only about 33% chance of making a pair on the flop.

Hit The Board

Players can have the chance of making a pair rise to 50% by running their hand with the river.

Talk Straight

Players can obtain eight cards to complete their hand when they flop on a flexible straight draw. Players might have to hit their hand on the river with 32% probability. Ensure to keep track of the pot odds in the process.

Odds of Flopping A Set

The odds of flopping a set on a pair are around 8%. It is advisable to play only if the pot is desirable and attention should not be focused on small pairs.


It is possible for a player to hit four outs about 9% of the time with river and turn cards.

The Bigger Pair Wins

Larger pairs on a head to the head drawing of two pairs have an 80% chance of winning over the smaller pair. For instance, it is better to fold if a player has a queen and they are supposed to bet, raise and re-raise when faced with a king or an ace.

Getting The Perfect Cards

Players have less than .5% probability of getting exactly two cards that they need on the river and if they succeed in getting one of the cards they have 5% likelihood of getting the other card.

Coin-flip Or Race

A coin-flip is a duo against two overcards; the card has approximately 50% chance of winning. Suited overcards have between 46% and 54% probability while non-suited overcards have between 47% and 58% likelihood of winning.

Issues With Kicker

Players have merely 25% probability of winning if their top card is the same with the opponent’s top card given that the player’s kicker is smaller.

Middle Suited Connectors

Middle suited connectors are liable to straight and flush, and that is why people believe that it is better than aces. However, ace over-pairs have 80% chance of winning over the suited connectors. Dealing a Pocket Pair A player has 6% chance of being dealt a pocket pair.

Flopping A Flush

Players have about 1% of flopping a flush even with suited cards.

Two Pair

There is about 2% chance that a player would flop two pairs. Making Full House by the River A player has about 17% probability of making up to a full house by the river with two pairs on the flop.

Making Full House

There is a 33% probability of making a full house if the player flops three of a kind.

Random Lower Cards

Random lower cards have 35% chance of winning overtime.

Big Danger Hand

In Texas Hold’em, pocket jacks are known as big danger hand. It provides a player below the chance they require to get a survival with the probability of a top card resulting to a flop about 53%.

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