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Installation Instructions


Following are instructions for installing the Poker Stellar client on WINDOWS:

Step 1 - Download PokerStellar.exe:

Open our website www.pokerstellar.com.

You can download our new client from either of the following 2 options:

Open our website www.pokerstellar.com.

1. The “Download” button on the middle of the page.

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2. The “Download Our App” section on the footer of the page.

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Step 2 - Install Poker Stellar

Once the .exe file is downloaded to your Downloads Folder:

Double click the .exe file

Press the ‘Run Anyway’ button in case Windows prevents it from downloading.

Instructions 1

Instructions 2

Instructions 3

Complete the installation by clicking on the ‘Next’ button.

Instructions 4

Instructions 5

Instructions 6

Step 3 - Finish Installation

You can now launch the new client by finding the Poker Stellar icon on your desktop.

Instructions 7

Instructions 8

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