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High Card - Poker Hand Ranking


Not a great hand, This hand does not fit in any of the poker sequences. The highest card wins in the situation of a draw. High Card is the worst possible hand on the poker hand rankings list.


As mentioned above we must avoid the higher-ranking poker hands. All higher-ranked hands include a pair, a Straight, flush or four of a kind.


High Card variations


Do you know, there are 1,302,540  possible High Card combinations and 1,277 distinct ranks of High Card hands in a 52- card deck. Always each High Card is ranked first by its highest card.


Take a look at the few examples of high card


A♠K♣ Q108♠



A♠K♣ Q109♠ 



High Card Hand Probabilities

The probability of getting High Card is calculated as below.

There are 2,598,960 unique poker hands. Of those, 1,302,540  are high card hands. Therefore, the probability of being dealt high card is:


P(high - card) = (1,317,888 −10,200 − 5,108 − 36 − 4) / 2,598,960 = 1,302,540 / 2,598,960 or P(high - card) = 0.501 or 1 in 2

In stud poker, players get high card about one time in every 2 deals.


 The Poker Hands Ranking are listed below,

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