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Texas Hold'em

General Overview of Texas Holdem Poker

Poker is considered to be the king of Card Games and it is popular across the globe. Poker is a card game that gives equal opportunities to all the partakers to win the game. Poker might vary in the number of hidden cards, shared cards on the table or the total number of cards dealt. However, betting among everything is considered one of the essential parts when you are at the poker table. Poker has a wide number of varieties. However, the most popular is Texas Holdem Poker in the poker world. In Texas Poker, hole cards are dispensed face down to each partaker. It is soon followed by a round of betting where the partaker can fold, bet, or check, commonly called the pre-flop

Betting System

The betting occurs in clockwise direction, beginning with the poker player sitting to the left of the big blind.


A Texas Poker player can easily check if there is no wager in the betting round. The turn shifts to the next player sting on the right-hand. A check forfeits the current right to bet and he player no longer has interest in the pot. The round is declared complete when all players check during the betting round.


A player can easily bet if there is no wager in the existing round. If a player bets then the person sitting right handed from him or any successive player can call for a raise or fold.


A player who folds is not allowed to wager any additional money during the existing betting round.


A texas poker player may ask for a call if there was a bet in the existing round. A player is required to match the existing bet completed by his/her opponent when they go for a call.


A player can raise if there has been a sequence of betting in the existing round. He or she has to bet a larger amount then the current bet amount in a particular round. To still qualify for the pot, all the players need to call raise or re-raise. The betting helps to ensure that in order for every player to keep playing, they either need to fold or match the bets made in every betting round. Every round is considered complete if no bets are made and every player has checked once. The next betting session begins after the conclusion of the previous one.


In substitute of folding, you can opt for this option, in case if you are out of chips and want to carry on the game since you consider that you have a strong possibility to win the center pot. The pot segregates into the side and the main pots and the players additional chips will be placed in the side pot. Only the winning player is eligible to get the pot if he or she wins the game. The second best hand wins the side pot. Theses added side pots are formed if any player has chosen all-in option. Extra side pots are shared as per the top ranking and the sequences in which players opted for the option all-in. The player wins both the main and side pots, in case if he has top ranking cards and did not want to go for all-in option.

Muck Losing Hand

Players can easily choose to display or not to display the cards if their poker hand ranking is not eligible to beat the best hand shown so far at the showdown.


When you are playing a game of Texas Holdem Poker, the player becomes a normal dealer for an existing game by a marker, known as the “dealer” or the “button”. The first forced bet is done when the player sitting immediately right-handed from the button posts the small blind. And the player immediately right-handed from the small blind posts the big blind, which is double the size of the small blind.

You need to remember that blinds differ due to the betting structure and depending on the stakes. Every player receives his or her two hole cards. The betting begins clockwise, beginning with the player under the gun known as the player sitting closely right-handed from the big blind.


Every player gets a chance to play their hand either by raising the big blind or by calling after they see the hole cards. A live bet is referred to when the action begins from the left of the big blind in the betting round. Betting lasts until all players, who are active have placed equal bets in the pot or until the player chooses to fold his/her cards.

The Flop

Flop is the state where three cards known as community cards are seen face-up on the board. These cards are easy to see by all players playing on the table. The player immediately right-handed from the button begins the betting on the flop. The options of betting are equivalent to pre-flop. However the player has the eligibility to check his/her hand, thereby passing the action to the next active player in a clockwise direction, if none of the other players formally place a bet in that betting round.

The Turn

Turn often is regarded as the fourth community in Texas holdem poker free game. The cards have to be dealt face-up on the board when the betting action is finished for the flop round. The player who sits right handed from the button begins yet another round for betting.

The River

This is also known as the fifth and final community card of the game and is dealt face-up on the board after betting action is completed on the turn. You will find that the player right-handed from the button begins another round of betting. The rules are same as for the Flop and Turn.


If more than one player still is playing after the last betting round, the remaining players show and compare their hands. In many cases, the player sitting immediately right handed from the button displays their cards first if there was no bet on the final round. The one who wins the pot should have the five best texas poker cards. The pot will be shared among the players if two or more players have the best cards or break even with identical cards.

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