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PokerStellar Online Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournament is exciting for any poker player, Low buy-in combined with a higher payout and the thrill of competing and winning against a big pool of players not only help you improve your game but also help to win big money. The most common way to experience poker is to play poker tournaments. In PokerStellar, we have all the variants of poker tournaments that help you to explore your poker tournament skills.

Poker tournaments are different from cash games because each participant pays an entrance fee and then competes to win a share of the prize pool. All participants start with an equal amount of poker chips and the blind rates steadily increasing at regular intervals during the online poker tournament. In a poker tournament, when a player loses all his chips, he is out of the tournaments and the last player standing with the highest points is declared as the winner.

There are life-changing amounts of money available in poker tournaments, both in large buy-in tournaments but also playing free poker online in Freerolls and low buy-in events. You can also satellite – win a small buy-in tournament that pays into a bigger tournament as opposed to winning your money.

PokerStellar Daily Online Poker Tournaments

PLO 5000 GTD 55 NLHE/RE Monday Weekly 9.00 PM 5,000
Bounty 15K GTD 330 NLHE / RE Tuesday Weekly 9.00 PM 15K GTD
6 Max 10K GTD 165 NLHE / RE Wednesday Weekly 9.00 PM 10,000
PLO 5000 GTD 55 PLO / R+A Thursday Weekly 9.00 PM 5,000
Texas 20K GTD 220 NLHE / RE Friday Weekly 9.00 PM 20000
500 GTD Freerolls Free NLHE / PLO - Daily 11.00 AM /1.00 PM / 3.00 PM / 5.00 PM / 7.00 PM 2,000

1. Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Play for free 5 times every day at PokerStellar with our great Freerolls! You don’t have to do anything to qualify, just register for any of the 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm tournaments EVERY single day, play some or all if you wish, just increase that bankroll for free!

  • Daily freerolls
  • 2000 GTD
  • 11am , 1 pm, 3pm, 5pm , 7pm

2. PLO 5000 GTD Tournament

Pot Limit Omaha Poker is the poker variant people are starting to turn to more and more and the fact that the game is truly exciting. PokerStellar runs PLO 5000 GTD on every Mondays at 9 PM.

  • Tournament Name – PLO 5000 GTD
  • Prize Pool – 5000 GTD
  • Buy in – 55
  • Day – Mondays
  • Time - 9 PM

3. Bounty 15k GTD Tournament

Do you like playing Bounty poker tournament Tournaments? If yes, Grab your hole cards and get playing, if things don’t go your way, you can rebuy for the first hour as well. Every Tuesday at 9 pm for just 330 entry!

  • Tournament Name - Bounty
  • Prize pool - 15K GTD
  • Buy in -330
  • Day - Tuesdays
  • Time - 9 PM

4. 6 MAX 10K GTD Tournament

Every Wednesday PokerStellar conducts Texas Holdem’s poker tournament with some changes compared to other online poker tournaments. With a maximum 6 players per table, you can afford to play more hands and get involved, with a buy-in of just 99 and rebuys available for 49, what’s not to like?

  • Tournament name - 6 max 10K GTD
  • Prize pool - 10K GTD
  • Buy in - 165
  • Rebuy - 165
  • Day- Wednesdays
  • Time - 9 PM

5. PLO 5000 GTD Tournament

We like Thursdays, the weekend is just around the corner, and you will like Thursdays at PokerStellar too with our great PLO 5K GTD (R+A). With 5K guaranteed and buy-in for just 55, win some money for the weekend every Thursday! Book your seat for Pot Limit Omaha Poker Tournament at PokerStellar.

  • Tournament name - PLO 5K GTD (R+A)
  • Prize pool - 5K GTD
  • Buy in -55
  • Day - Thursdays
  • Time - 9 PM

6. Texas 20K GTD

If you aren’t out on the town this Friday evening, why not take part in Texas 20K GTD at PokerStellar, just 220 buy-in and with a prize pool of 20K guaranteed as well – Every Friday evening at 9 pm!

  • Tournament Name - Texas
  • Prize pool - 20K
  • Buy in - 220
  • Day - Fridays
  • Time - 9 PM

What are the different types of Online Poker Tournaments?

Poker tournaments are the ideal format to show off your poker skills and win some big cash. Check out the different types of online poker tournaments here.

Freezeout tournament

Freezeout is one of the most familiar types of poker tournament where each player gets a chance to buy at one time. Once a participant runs out of all poker chips, his or her will be out of the tournament. You cannot rebuy into the tournament and once you run out of chips, it’s over. You can't rebuy in this game, so once you're out of chips, it's over.

Multi-buy tournament

Do you love to challenge in poker? As the name says, you can register for the same tournament with multiple stacks. You can play with more chips and improve the playability of the game right from the start.

Rebuy Tournaments

Like a freezeout, this format allows you to buy more chips for a short period of time into the tourney again when you bust (usually the beginning stage of the tournament). The cost of the rebuy is usually the same as the entry fee, minus the rake. The tournament will continue as a freezeout after the rebuy period ended.

Freeroll tournament

Freeroll Tournament is a tournament where there is no entry fee and you can win maximum cash if you can finish it on respective top position. PokerStellar offers freeroll tournaments worth up to 1500 every day.

Guaranteed Tournament (GTD)

This is a tournament that guarantees a prize pool, irrespective of how many players appear. Poker GTD tournament is the best way to boost your bankroll for less investment. You will win assured prize pool once you rank on top position.

Bounty Tournaments

Bounty tournament is one of the interesting formats of online poker tournaments. In bounty tournaments, a special cash prize is given to the person who eliminates a particular player. Bounty tournament is also known as the knockout tournament. For example, if there’s a Rs 100 bounty on each player’s head, and you knocked out any player, you would get his bounty of Rs 100.

Sit & Go

A Sit & Go (S&G or SNG) is a not pre-assigned online poker tournament that starts when all seats are filled. PokerStellar provides different types of sit and go tournaments from the range of heads-up to 9 players.

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