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5-Card Omaha

  • Many players prefer Omaha to Texas Hold’em as they get 4-hole cards as opposed to 2 giving them a better chance to get a good hand and get involved in a pot.
  • But what would happen if that number was increased to 5?
  • Now you can find out as at Poker Stellar we have released a game of 5-card Omaha!
  • The rules are the same, you need to use 2 of your hole cards and any 3 community cards, but now you get a choice of any 2 from 5.
  • There are very few sites offering this exciting variation of one of the most loved poker games around, but at Poker Stellar we like to think of our players first and foremost.
  • Play 5-card Omaha now and experience this fast-paced game for yourself!

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