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5 Card Omaha Poker

5 card Omaha is slowly but steadily rising as a popular game of poker. Humans are more attached to the number Five because we have five senses, five major systems in our body, five appendages, five fingers, five toes, and Five Card Omaha also. Many players prefer Omaha to Texas Hold’em as they get 4-hole cards as opposed to 2 giving them a better chance to get a good hand and get involved in a pot. But what would happen if that number was increased to 5?

Now the Indian poker players can find out as at PokerStellar we have released a game of 5 card Omaha! Applying proper tactics is a must no matter what variation of poker is your preferred game to play. But let us focus on the most trending Five Card Omaha Poker. Players familiar with 4 Card Omaha will find it easy to pick up the 5 card Omaha game as the rules are identical.

5 Card Omaha uses a standard 52-card deck that is used in poker. If you are familiar with poker you would know that in other popular variants of the poker game namely Texas Holdem Poker every player is dealt two hole cards while in Pot Limit Omaha every player is dealt with four hole cards. In 5 Card Omaha, each player is dealt with five private cards (hole cards).

How to Play 5 Card Omaha Poker

Each hand of 5 Card Omaha starts with two blinds Big blind and small blind. The blinds are minimum bets that need to be made by two players before the cards are dealt to stimulate action.

The dealer i.e the person who would distribute the cards is indicated by a disk called the dealer button, or simply, the button. Before the cards are distributed, the player to the left of the button puts in small blind i.e half the size of the minimum bet for the game. The player to that player's left puts in the big blind or minimum bet amount required for the game. For example, in a 10/20 table, the small blind would be 10 chips while big blind would be 20 chips.

The community cards are dealt the same way to their popular variants.

Preflop: Based on the five cards that have been dealt with the player can call, raise or fold.

The Flop: In flop three community cards are dealt and the player will have to judge the strength of the hand based on the combination of two hole cards and three community cards and the betting begins.

Turn: After the flop betting is completed, In turn, one more community card is dealt and the players will have now to again judge the strength of their cards and the betting continues.

River: After the turn comes to the river where one more community card is revealed. This is the last and final card and each player now again calculate their card strength and the action comes to an end.

Which hand wins in 5 Card PLO: In the showdown, the best hand at the end of the river card being dealt is declared the winner. For this purpose, two hole cards from the player and the three community cards are combined to come up with the best possible combination.

The winner of the pot is the player with the best hand over others in the table. If one or multiple players reveal an identical hand, the pot is shared equally among them. Once the pot has been awarded to the winner(s), a new hand can begin.

What makes the 5 card Omaha versatile is that the number of possible combinations that a player might have increased making it more difficult to judge the possible outcomes.

As more hole cards are dealt with each player it is reasonable to expect more action from the players as there are far more possibilities now. Despite this temptation, good players will be selective over the starting hands they play and the strategy should not be much different from your regular strategy.

Best Starting Hands in 5 Card Omaha Poker

Starting hands with pair

In Poker, the Ace is the highest card which can be also used as a low card, with a value of 1. So in 5 Card Omaha (in other variants of poker also), the best and reasonable starting pairs are AAxxx, KKxxx, QQxxx, and JJxxx. The following cards can be analyzed if combined with some flush possible, TTxxx, 99xxx and 88xxx. The worst starting hands with pair in Five Card Omaha are 22xxx, 33xxx, 44xxx, 55xxx, 66xxx, 77xxx. Always the good practice is to stick to the pairs of AAxxx, KKxxx, QQxxx, and JJxxx.

Starting hands with suits

What is the best starting hands with suits in 5 Card Omaha?. Single and double suits to the ace are considered as the best starting hands with suits in 5 Card Poker. For example, AhXhAdXdX, AhXhXXX. The second best-starting hands with suits in 5 Card Omaha is a single suit to the ace with 3 cards of a suit, and a single suit to the king (AdXdXdXX, KdXdXXX). Finally, QdXdXXX and lower are recognized as the typically poor flush hands.

Starting hands with wraps

The best starting hands with wraps can be divided into three categories. The first one is, TJQKA, 9TJQx (X being A,K,7), 89TJx (X being A,K,Q,6), 789TA, 789TJ, 6789A, 6789T. The second one is, 56789, 6789x, 789Tx, 5 or 4 in a row with a single gap and no card lower than a seven. The third one is, 4567x or lower. The first category of starting hands with wraps is stronger than others.

How to make a hand in 5 Card Omaha

The poker hands ranking of 5 Card poker is equal to Texas Holdem. Royal Flush is considered as the best poker hand ranking in 5 card Omaha and other poker alternatives and high cards ( without a single pair) are considered as the weakest hand ranking.

Click here to know more about 5 card Omaha Poker Hand Rankings. Following the 5 card PLO poker hand ranking is the best way to understand the 5 card Omaha poker strategy. So this 5 card omaha poker strategy will help you become a master in 5 card poker game.

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